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Metadot is an Open Source technology company and the author of the Metadot Portal Server, a freely downloadable and royalty free enterprise application for Linux and Solaris platforms. The portal server, Metadotís flagship product, is designed for non-technical and technical people alike and is the most flexible open source portal solution available.

When the Portal Server was first released in April 2000, its revolutionary ease-of-use changed forever the way complex websites were built by giving content management tools to non-technical users. This allowed them to create powerful database-backed websites just with the clicks of a mouse and without having to involve a webmaster or the IT department!

The Metadot Portal Server runs primarily on Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl. It runs in commercial environments as well, such as Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows, Oracle database and more.

Our Portal Server software is available for free under the GNU General Public License (GPL) at which is our corporate and developer community website. We also provide fee based services such as support, training, system integration and custom development.

Metadot Portal Server embodies an ingenious software architecture that maximizes reliability, security, scalability and speed of development. As the first and the leader, Metadot inspired many followers to copy the Metadot source code and functionalities into their own open source product.

Today Metadot Portal Server is used by prestigious organizations such as NASA, University of California at Berkeley, Schlumberger, Saint Gobain, Society of Petroleum Engineers, University of Minnesota, US Latino Technology Network as well as numerous smaller organizations.


Daniel Guermeur, the CEO, is also the company founder and chief engineer of the Metadot Portal Server.

Metadot Corporation has its headquarters in the United States and is centrally located in Austin, Texas. It is a privately held company that is profitable, has no debts and is not financed by venture capital.

Metadot is a worldwide trademark.

If you would like to know more, have a request or proposal for us, please visit our Contacts page to learn how to best reach us.

About the Metadog

Many of us keep pet animals; we rely on them for companionship and unconditional love. For some people their closest relationships may be with their pets. It seems that for some other people their closest relationship is the web pages they create and maintain. They contemplate them many times a day, change font sizes, add some colors, and micro-manage the pixels. If they have the chance to have a laptop, they usually do a little surfing in the bed before they fall asleep in the evening. In this case the web is their companion; itís their best friendÖ. For them and for us (since there are many people like that at Metadot) we created the Metadog. Also the only dog who has Metadots on him is the Dalmatian so the choice was easy.

About Metadot, the name

Rob Pettengill, scientist, programmer, Linux addict and ex-colleague of Daniel Guermeur, the founder of Metadot, came up with the name Metadot. The word Metadot has its origin in the Emacs editor software. For those who donít know Emacs, it is the most powerful text editor that a programmer can use. In Emacs, when a software programmer writes code, Meta-dot is a key combination (Meta = ESC) that, when hit, provides instant help on the programming function that is being called. You have often heard Ďitís on the webí but still needed help to find the right information. Metadot's easy-of-use interface provides a perfect choice for people who want to set up and manage content-rich web sites and portals.

Thank you for supporting the Open Source initiative.

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