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Subject: storage full - deleting revisions of file managers
Posted On: Aug 19, 2012, 8:12:37 AM
User photograph MaxxedOut (Bill O)
Hi, I'm the webmaster for a small organization with the minimum cost 'team' plan. We have 50MB of storage and when I login as admin the site tells me I'm 99.9% full, displaying this message at the top of the 'manage' screen: "Account attachment storage is close to exceeding (51743 bytes left). For more storage space you have to upgrade the site plan or delete revisions of some gizmos with attachments (e.g. File Managers)". I've had this problem for awhile and I have deleted all the content that I can that is non essential and it still says the same thing. I think the problem may have to do with deleting revisions of file manager gizmos. I can delete revisions of all my file manager gizmos except for the 3 or 4 that have the most files stored in them. When I try to access the 'revisions' option of those it times out and gives me a 'the connection was reset' error message. I'm quite sure that our actual content of PDF files stored is only around 20MB, and I strongly suspect that I have a couple of file manager gizmos that are laden with old files that I just can't get to for some reason. Thanks for your help...
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MaxxedOut (Bill O)
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2012-08-19 08:12:37