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Welcome to Metadot Portal Server

Metadot Portal Server is a leading open source portal system. Its ease of use allows non technical people to create very powerful websites and portals just with the clicks of a mouse. Its architecture makes it extremely easy to customize and deploy. It is available for free under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It provides collaboration, content management, as well as My News Page (like My Yahoo) and online database applications. Typically it is used to create web portals, intranets, extranets, organization and project websites.

When it was first released in April 2000, it revolutionized the way complex websites are built by giving easy-to-use tools to non-technical users allowing them to create powerful database-backed websites without having to involve a webmaster or the IT department!

It runs primarily on Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl and supports Sun Solaris, Windows OSes and Oracle database.

It is available for free and it can be downloaded here. For business users we have a Business Edition solution.
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Metadot Portal Server provides a very large number of content management and collaboration functionalities in modules called gizmos (portlets) that are available out of the box such as:

  • Easy-to-use content management interface on all site pages
  • Discussion forum
  • File management
  • Link management
  • Task / To-Do List
  • Calendar
  • Poll
  • FAQs
  • Custom forms
  • User Personal Website
  • Group and user-based access control
  • My News Page - like My Yahoo
  • Email Notifications
  • Rich text Editor (from
  • Site themes and templates
  • and many more features!

The following list represents a subset of the frequently used features.

File management
Metadot Portal Server allows users to upload files in a central place accessible by authorized users.
Document management with version control
Metadot Portal Server allows automatic file versioning and advanced content management features like file check-in and check-out, and version history.
Discussion forums
Provides the ability for users to discuss online. Display is available by date or thread. Users can subscribe to messages and also select the frequency of the notifications (e.g. once a day, once a week). Users can answer new messages using the web interface or from their email clients (e.g. from Eudora or Outlook).
Richt text editor
The rich text editor lets users format their content as easily as if they were using a Word Processor. No HTML knowledge is required.
My News Page
Metadot Portal Server provides the capability to have a user customizable information page (dashboard) containing news, announcements, weather and external applications in a dashboard-like format similar to My Yahoo. News comes from the other sites (XML, RSS) or from the Metadot Portal Server gizmos (news items, discussions, etc...).
News and announcement
Provides the capability to post news and online announcements. Email notification is available.
Event Calendar
Allows to create event-based (e.g. new product launch) or resource-based calendars (e.g. conference room reservation).
To-do lists
Metadot Portal Server provides the capability to create to-do lists and track the progress of each task.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Metadot Portal Server provides a powerful and easy way to create and use a FAQ as a self service help system thus reducing end user support costs.
Contact us information
Allows site administrators to post information on how to contact the organization.
Dynamic tables
Metadot Portal Server provides the end users with the capability to create their own database tables.
Link management
Metadot Portal Server provides the capability to organize links about various topics.
Competitors and organizations
Metadot Portal Server provides the capability to list organizations and competitors.
Directory (LDAP)
Metadot Portal Server provides access to LDAP for authentication and for LDAP record management. Strong password checking is also available.
User and group-based security
Metadot Portal Server provides a very powerful way to secure every page or information on the web. Security is managed by user or group.
Event log / audit trail
Metadot Portal Server provides a very detailled event log system allowing to track every click of every user.
Image management
Capability to store images online and display them in a variety of format.
Aggregated discussion view
The aggregated discussion view allows merging different ongoing discussions in the portal into one view
Form maker
This gizmo adds an HTML form which can be sent to a set of email addresses with the information in it. Users are able to add as many fields as desired.
Job posting section
Creates a section where job openings can be posted allowing a site manager or a user with privileges to add job postings for others to read and contact the appropriate hiring manager or department
News article
Capability to add a news article into the current page with a bold title
News article image
Capability to add a news article with a picture into the current page
Job request
Capability to post online order information for services and/or products.
Capability to create a polling mechanism where the organization can collect data from its users through a set of questions, and display the choices users have made in real-time
Press release section
Capability to create a section where a set of common press releases will be created
Site map
Capability to create a site map starting from the current page down to as many levels as desired
Submission system
Capability to enable users to post files and contents for collaboration
Capability to create an HTML table for organizing content in the current page
What's new
Capability to create a dynamic real-time section of new content that has been added to the portal since a given date
Content scheduling
Capability to schedule any content using show and hide date.
Search user directory
Capability to search user directory for registered users
Page layout options
The layout options are located in the property of the page. A user can select a predefined layout or create his/her own if needed.

Support for skins

Metadot supports any type of look and feel that are called skins. Skins are a set of templates written using Template Toolkit. The Template Toolkit is a fast, powerful and extensible template processing system. It is ideally suited to the production and maintenance of web content and other dynamic document systems.