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Our customer portal is provided by Mojo Helpdesk. If you have a current support contract please login now and submit a ticket .

If your organization needs to manage customer requests via a ticket tracking / helpdesk / web-based customer portal, we encourage you to take a look at Mojo Helpdesk our hosted ticket tracking service.

Getting Free Support

If you need free support, our forum may help you answering your questions. This forum is used by the Metadot user community only (i.e. the Metadot staff answers it rarely) so if you don't get an answer right away just try again. Remember to contribute from time to time as well.

Purchase a One-Time Assistance

If you don't have a support plan you can still get support. Please choose which option you would like to purchase:
  • 1-h troubleshooting, initial contact within 8h, 8am-5pm, M-F $250:

  • 1-h troubleshooting, initial contact within 2h, 8am-5pm, M-F $489: 

Tech Support Plans for v6 and v7

If you cannot afford to have your portal down then a yearly support plan is the answer. Metadot experts are standing by to provide you with the support you need, when you need it - online, or on the phone. Work with Metadot's support experts for basic installation, login support, emergency calls or simple product feature and functionality issues.

Technical support is included in our Metadot Business Edition offering. Click here to learn more about it.

Whether you are a small organization that needs some help to install Metadot Portal Server or a global company that needs 24x7 support, we have the right plan for you.

Metadot 7 Installation


Metadot 7 (Ruby on Rails) - Remote installation + 10-day email support

Metadot forum
Get help from the Metadot community forums.
Webdesk support(*)


Tech support for one year. You ask questions and the Metadot staff will answer via our web based helpdesk. This does NOT include remote login.
Login support(*)


This is the support plan you need if you are a business. In case of problems, the Metadot staff will login to your system and fix the problem at the source(*). This is the best way to ensure quick response in case of failure.

Contact us

The Never Down support plan targets businesses who cannot afford to have their website down. Please contact us for more information.

* The support contract covers only fixing the Metadot software and ensuring it works well with its subsystems (Mysql, Apache, etc...). It does not cover installation of Metadot software nor other software, configuration of third party applications such as LDAP or Active Directory, single sign on services, upgrade of OSes, or upgrade of Metadot software, ... In case you need such a service we'll be glad to provide you with a quote.
** If you have several Metadot sites, please contact us so we can spec out the best solution for you.