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Discover Metadot Business Edition

The Metadot Business Edition is an enterprise-class web portal solution anyone can use to create or edit content. It is used by leading organizations such as MIT, Schlumberger, The US Navy, who rely on Metadot to run their intranet, extranet, community website, and corporate portal.

Because the Business Edition user-interface is browser-based, authorized content editors can update pages from any location -- there is no need to call your IT department to fix typos or add information to a page. If you can type, you can create web pages and edit content. The Metadot Business Edition not only frees-up your IT staff to pursue more high-value tasks, it helps everyone in your organization collaborate and use time more efficiently.

Metadot Business Edition Features

Metadot Business Edition helps organizations be more efficient, more in touch with their customers, partners, and employees. It comes with additional features and services targeted for businesses.

Site Creator

The Site Creator allows the creation of many Metadot sites from a web interface. New sites a available instantly. This is what we use to manage For example, you can create an extranet, intranet, many project sites and a test site in a few clicks. All sites are on the same servers and there is no configuration to be done once the Site Creator is setup.

Email Newsletters

Automate your email newsletter with opt-in/opt out features. Whether you want to create monthly customer newsletters, weekly reports for your employees, the simple email newsletter will do the job.

Files with Version Control

Did we work on the latest version of the file? Say bye to confusion. Metadot Business Edition includes file versioning with checking and checkout.

HTML File Legacy Support

Metadot Business Edition allows your organization to share HTML files / sites within the context of the Metadot Portal. This feature is useful to display legacy information or large documentation.

Metadot Business Edition comes also with all standard Metadot Portal Server features!

Priority Bug Fixes

Customers with the Business Edition get top priority on our list.


Metadot Never-Down

If you are running a critical Metadot applications like MIT, Nasa, Schlumberger and The US Navy do, the optional Metadot Never-Down service level is for you. This gives you access to our support engineers 24 hours a day, all year long. This service level is optional.